"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" has already translated Bryan Lee O'Malley's comics into a film, so it only makes sense that someone would want to take those characters through another level of adaptation and turn the actors' interpretations of Scott and his friends into Simpsons-style doppelgangers.

Dean Fraser of Springfield Punx turns out to have been just the artist for the job in a gallery of homages over at Total Film. Michael Cera's Scott, Brandon Routh's Todd Ingram, and even director Edgar Wright show up in Fraser's tributes to the movie that's out in theaters now.

It's unfortunate that Ellen Wong's Knives Chau got left out of the mix, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Ramona Flowers packs enough hair-dye and bashing weaponry for the both of them. Tag your own favorite after the jump, although you'll be hard pressed to resist Wright's natural British charms, even as a Springfieldian.

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