He's written his share of blood-suckers with co-scribe Steven King in the pages of Vertigo's "American Vampire," but now Scott Snyder will take on an arguably even higher calling: penning the adventures of a hero who kinda dresses like one. That's right, Snyder's set to put his spin on the Batman in DC's "Detective Comics." What's more? As announced at The Source, it's Snyder's first gig after signing exclusive to the publisher.

Here's a portion of what Snyder had to say about his plans for DC's titular namesake:

"I couldn't be more thrilled or honored to be working on 'Detective' right now ... this is honestly my dream job. As for the series, I want to play things pretty close to the vest for now, but I can tell you that it'll star Batman, and will focus heavily on his CSI work and hardcore mysteries set around Gotham. The back-up will center on Commissioner Gordon and involve a certain case - and a dark figure - from his past that comes back to haunt him in present day Gotham. The feature and back-up will be stand-alone, but will affect and inform each other."

The Source hasn't specified the exact timeframe for Snyder's jumping on point, but we know it won't be any earlier than September. With "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne" wrapping that month, however, there's definitely a chance that Snyder's upcoming run could star the original Caped Crusader.[Via The Source]