It's been ten years since Firefly debuted on our screens, meaning that it's been nine years since we've been angry at Fox for robbing us of our chance to see Mal, Wash et al being Han Solo-esque rogues on our screens on a regular basis. At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and creator Joss Whedon got back together to reminisce, answer questions and tease each other (and us) about what the show meant to everyone. For everyone who didn't manage to get in, the whole thing has made it online.Instead of going on about whether or not the panel has Joss Whedon crying, Adam Baldwin talking about the importance of hats, and an answer about whether or not we'll get more Firefly comics (Spoiler: Yes to all of those), it seems cruel to say anything more than, here. Why don't you see for yourself:

In addition to the (numerous) fan videos of the panels, the whole thing was filmed for a 10th anniversary special to be shown later this year on the Science Channel, which is currently screening re-runs of the short-lived 14 episode series.

Also online for Browncoats, the post-panel press conference. Watch Nathan Fillion tweet under the desk and pretend that he's paying attention!:

After watching all of the above, there really is only one thing to add: how do we convince everyone involved that a Firefly radio show would actually be an awesome idea...?

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