SNL alum and new talk show host Jimmy Fallon made an appearance at Comic-Con this weekend, and decided to pitch his own idea for a new superhero: The Recharger, whose superpower is... recharging things. Fallon pitched the idea around to the comics nerderati, including the cast and producers of "Lost," DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio, and "Green Lantern" writer Geoff Johns, who claimed that the idea "might make [his] Top 5 bad pitches."

Fallon even donned the "Recharger" outfit and talked to Joss Whedon, Jon Favreau and the cast of "Iron Man 2," and even Stan Lee, who stepped up and proved that he's still the king of the comics pitch -- and one of the most gracious people in the industry -- by actually trying to make the idea sound good. Personally, I think he just wanted to recharge his iPhone.

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