We got a taste of Sean Murphy's Wolverine-ized alphabet back in October, but the "Joe the Barbarian" artist is a busy man and as such, it's taken him awhile to complete his full A-Z project at his deviantART page. This week Murphy wrapped his full 26 letter run and the results are fittingly MARVELous enough to use an obvious pun. Just look at them!

Rather than lay out his alphabet strictly according to corresponding characters or events (You'll notice "D" isn't for Deadpool or Daken), Murphy took an aesthetic approach by composing characters and situations to match the flow of each letter. It's a nice change of pace given the number of similarly alphabet-themed art projects that have been done of late and gives Murphy's work the room it needs to properly shine.

Not to get greedy, but looking at this alphabet, I couldn't help but think a few numbers might look good alongside them too. If Murphy decided to toss in 1-9, a zero and maybe some punctuation marks, I don't think anyone would mind.

See the full alphabet after the jump.