We are quickly approaching the November 25 release date for Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson's eight-issue miniseries chronicling the final adventure of an older Batman. And, as is the way of things, there are going to be plenty of variant covers for collectors to get their hands on.

In addition to the usual variants --- including the 1:5000 sketch variant by Jim Lee that was announced back in August --- there are also going to be retailer-specific covers. DC initially revealed just two, by Jae Lee and Sean Murphy. Now we also have variants by Klaus Janson, Eduardo Risso, Tyler Kirkham, Rafael AlbuequerqueLee Bermejo and Dave Gibbons. Even more covers have also been revealed from Kenneth Rocafort, Ivan Reis, Stanley "ArtGerm" Lau, Tim Sale and Michael Allred. Check them out below.




Mike Allred[/caption]


Tim Sale[/caption]


Ivan Reis[/caption]


Stanley Lau[/caption]


Kenneth Rocafort[/caption]

Dave Gibbons
Dave Gibbons
Klaus Janson
Klaus Janson
Eduardo Risso
Eduardo Risso
Tyler Kirkham
Tyler Kirkham
Rafael Albuquerque
Rafael Albuquerque
Lee Bermejo
Lee Bermejo
Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant by Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy


Here's the full list of retailer-exclusive variants;

  • BuyMeToys.com – Gary Frank
  • Newbury Comics – Michael Allred
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – Paul Pope
  • Books-A-Million – Rafael Albuquerque
  • Silver Snail – Francis Manapul
  • Hypno Comics – Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Borderlands Comics and Games – Klaus Janson
  • Graham Crackers Comics – Darwyn Cooke
  • Yesteryear Comics – Jason Fabok
  • Third Eye Comics – Brian Bolland
  • M&M Comics Service – Dave Dorman
  • Legacy Comics and Cards – Artgerm
  • Dynamic Forces – Jae Lee
  • Midtown Comics – Greg Capullo
  • Midtown Comics – Marc Silvestri
  • Rebel Base Comics & Toys – Sean Murphy
  • Lone Star Comics – John Cassaday
  • Dragon’s Lair – Ivan Reis
  • Tate’s Comics + Toys + More – Kevin Eastman
  • Cards, Comics & Collectibles – Amanda Conner
  • Diamond UK – Jock
  • Forbidden Planet Limited – Adam Hughes
  • AOD Collectibles – Dale Keown
  • JScottCampbell.com – J. Scott Campbell
  • Heroes and Fantasties – Tim Sale
  • Yancy St. Comics – Kelley Jones
  • Zapp! Comics – Terry Dodson
  • Madness Games & Comics – Joshua Middleton
  • Ssalefish Comics – John Romita, Jr.
  • Lange's Sports – David Finch
  • Disposable Heroes Comics – Simon Bisley
  • Phantom – Walter Simonson
  • Hastings – Tyler Kirkham
  • Beyond Comics – Eduardo Risso
  • Instock Trades – Lee Bermejo
  • Discount Comic Book Service – Neal Adams
  • Bulletproof Comics – Gabriele Dell’Otto
  • ConBox- Kenneth Rocafort
  • Newbury Comics - Mike Allred
  • Legacy Comics and Cards - Stanley Lau
  • Dragon's Lair - Ivan Reis
  • Heroes and Fantasies - Tim Sale

On the off chance that you missed the announcement, Dark Knight III: The Master Race is the second follow-up to the massively influential groundbreaking 1986 series by Miller, Janson and Lynn Varley, in which an older Batman came out of retirement to battle a Gotham City that was out of control with a new wave of crime. The second part of the trilogu, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, came out in 2001.

Presumably more covers will be revealed as we get closer to the release date, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on them as we go.


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