There's a new Marvel movie on the horizon, and with that will come a wealth of new action figures based on the successful cinematic universe. Tamashii Nations' SH Figuarts line has been home to a number of the Avengers over the years, but the new Captain America: Civil War line will mark the first time we'll be seeing any of the female heroes join the cast. We've gotten a few Captain Americas and Iron Mans, and a Thor, Hulk and Hulkbuster to boot, but so far Tamashii has been a little light on the ladies. Black Widow was actually teased and shown off in prototype form for the Age of Ultron set (as was Hawkeye), but here we are with no Black Widow (or Hawkeye) to show for it.

Hopefully that changes with the upcoming Civil War line, which Tamashii is already hyping to include not just Black Widow, but also Agent 13 (Sharon Carter), as well as Black Panther, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, War Machine and Winter Soldier. Yeah, Iron Man and Captain America will be part of the new series, too, but haven't we seen enough of them? Let's celebrate all the these new guys and girls finally joining the fight.


Tamashii Nations


Now there aren't any in-production shots of the figures beyond Captain America and Iron Man to this point, but it looks like each side of the conflict will be getting five figures. Obviously Captain America's side is better, what with Steve Rogers, Falcon and Winter Solider being there. Sharon Carter is cool in the comics, but I've yet to be won over by the MCU version considering she's played such a small role thus far. The good thing about Hawkeye is this time his costume isn't a trenchcoat.

Black Panther and Black Widow bring the noise on the Iron Man side of things, with War Machine and Vision rounding out the tech team. Though I don't know how much of Vision in the MCU you can still technically count as android/AI since he's powered by an Infinity Gem. I hope there's an unmasked head of T'Challa included, but I also hope that it doesn't fall to the same fate as the thing that Tamashii is calling Chris Evans.


Tamashii Nations


Look. Not every figure has to look like the actor it's based on. It happens all the time in action figures. The issue here comes from Tamashii hyping the likeness created using the same digital sculpting that brought above average head sculpts to figures like Freddie Mercury, Mace Windu and Bruce Lee. The only thing about this "Chris Evans" that remotely looks like Chris Evans is that crew cut. I can't even think of another person that this figure looks like instead of Chris Evans because it's so distractingly awful. For a $20 figure, it probably wouldn't be a big deal. This is going to cost between $75-90 when it hits stateside.

Hey, but at least we're finally getting a Figuarts Black Widow... and an Agent 13, Black Panther, Falcon, and yes, Hawkeye. As long as Tamashii doesn't change its mind again. Keep those fingers crossed.


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