With the holiday season creeping up earlier and earlier every year, I would understand if you're already Christmased/Hanukkahed/Kwanzaad/Solsticed out. But Shane Prigmore, a story artist and visual development artist on Rise of the Guardians, rescues us from the usual holiday fare, not just with his storyboard featuring Jack Frost and a swashbuckling Santa Claus, but also with his illustrative tributes to the non-December holidays.Prigmore has also worked as a character development artist on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Coraline and How to Train Your Dragon, and his visual designs will appear in the upcoming Mr. Peabody & Sherman film as well as The Croods. In anticipation of Rise of the Guardians, Prigmore has been posting other holiday illustrations over the last year to his blog. While Presidents' Day doesn't get nearly enough graphic art love, the Ronald Searle-style vampires, posted in honor of Halloween, are clearly the winners here.

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