It's the holiday season in DC Universe Online, and that means a certain cosmically powerful being will be visiting multiple cities while wearing a red hat. Sadly, there's no Santa NPC in the game, leaving only an annual visit from the greedy Orange Lantern known as Larfleeze. Though the selfish alien wrecked the halls of DCUO last year by stealing presents, this time around Larfleeze has apparently set out to swipe power rings from Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps members as they fall in battle against one another in Downtown Metropolis. Both heroes and villains can intervene on behalf of the corps that reflects their respective motivations in an effort to reclaim Larfleeze's stolen power rings and stop the dude from ruining Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and every other winter holiday in Space Sector 2814. According to DCUO, reclaimed items "that cannot reasonably be returned to their owners" can be "regifted." Successful players will even get to take on Larfleeze himself in a new boss fight. You can check out stills from DCUO's 2012"Season's Greedings" winter event after the cut.

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