Dwayne Johnson, better known to wrestling fans from his time in WWE as The Rock, has long been rumored to be up for a starring role in a DC Comics superhero movie, and now it looks like it's actually going to happen. In an interview with Total Film, Johnson confirmed that he has been in talks with DC Entertainment for years and that an agreement is in place and an announcement is coming soon.

As for just what that announcement will be, well, based on what Johnson says in the interview, there's a pretty good chance he might be playing Shazam in an upcoming film.

That would make a lot of sense, too. All of the announcements about the impending Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have revolved around bringing in the rest of the Justice League, putting the World's Greatest Super-Humans (and Aquaman) on the big screen and paving the way for a larger franchise, similar to what Marvel's been doing with their Avengers films. With that already in place, and with the movie's Justice League looking to be based pretty heavily on the run written by DC's Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, it makes sense that Shazam would be on the list. After all, Johns did revive Shazam in the pages of Justice League before adding him to the team.

Also, it makes perfect sense from the original character's wish-fulfillment aspect that a little kid would want to turn into the Rock. Seriously, have you seen that dude?

In the video above, Johnson mentions that despite being a fan of Green Lantern, he was definitely not playing John Stewart, instead mentioning that he was going to be playing a character with "the power of Superman," and advising his interviewer to "just say the word." That's certainly a vague description that fits Shazam pretty perfectly.

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