What's got two thumbs and is REALLY FREAKIN' CHEESED with Shocker Toys right now? If you answered this guy - as in me - then you're absolutely correct. The gentle folks at Toy News International have posted a look at Shocker's upcoming second wave of Indie Spotlight action figures. Included in the roster are Dick Tracy, Ignacia from "Wildguard," Jack Staff, King Zombie from "Deadworld," and The Tick.

Clearly I'm not upset about the line-up, nor am I upset about the quality of the figures. Every character included in this latest wave makes me squeal with joy, particularly The Tick. That big, blue beacon of justice with his ridiculously toothy grin fills my heart with so much warmth that I could melt the polar ice caps. I want this Tick figure so, so, so badly. I want it now - and if I can't have it now, I want the Tick for Christmas.

And that's why I am so livid right now, sports fans - because these bad boys aren't available until the first quarter of 2010! These figures are nothing but a horrible tease! It's like finding your Christmas presents a week early, getting very excited about it - then, to your horror, you have completely different presents under the tree come the big day! Not cool!

So, we'll have to wait for the Tick, Jack Staff and the rest of the gang until after the holiday season. I guess you could always get a pre-order on these bad boys in time for Christmas, but I'd rather have a big old pile of nothing than a slip with a picture of the Tick's mug on it. I don't think I could bare the heartbreak.

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