Fashion brand Shoes of Prey used its customizable design website to style some superhero-inspired heels and flats as examples of footwear that customers can tweak and purchase for themselves with the Shoes of Prey 3D Designer, which gives the wearer selection of colors, materials, and alter various detailing parameters such as heel height, toe and heel detailing.. Each pair of shoes is handmade to fit the customer's chosen aesthetics and run at least $100 per pair.

As a fan of both Shoes of Prey and comics, customer Mandy Kerr designed some heels and flats inspired by Batman, Iron Man, and more (seen in the grahguc below). Inspired by Kerr's excellent Robin-inspired oxfords, I utilized the Shoes of Prey 3D Designer to create a few of my own shoe designs, including flats and platformed wedges inspired by Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Batwoman, and more.

by Mandy Kerr for Shoes of Prey


The following were designed by Betty Felon except where noted, and are available to buy from Shoes of Prey via the lincluded links.

Wonder Woman (purchase here)

Batman (purchase here)

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl (purchase here)

Batwoman (purchase here)

Poison Ivy (purchase here)

Aquaman (purchase here)

Lady Sif, designed by Jordan Gibson (purchase here)

Captain Marvel (purchase here)