The bad news is that there's a good chance that you're going to be spending this weekend bundled up as a winter storm rages outside. The good news, though, is that Shout Factory is stepping up to help you stave off cabin fever in one of the most awesome ways possible: A free, three-hour marathon of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the show that was adapted for American audiences as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, streaming live tomorrow at

The marathon will kick off at noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, and will be hosted by tokusatsu exptert August Ragone, who may or may not take the opportunity to explain how and why the Japanese version of the Megazord is, in fact, God on Earth.


Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger: Daizyuzin's Last Day


If you've never seen Zyuranger --- or if you haven't been following along with ComicsAlliance's weekly Ranger Station articles that compare and contrast it to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers --- it's pretty darn amazing.

The story follows the adventures of five (human) survivors from the fantasy kingdom of the dinosaur tribes, who were kept in stasis for millions of years until Bandora, a witch who worships the great Satan and wants to destroy Japan by murdering as many children as possible, emerged from her tomb on planet Nemesis. Fortunately the Zyurangers are able to summon five "Guardian Beasts" in the form of robot dinosaurs that combine to form a giant robot that is also --- and I cannot stress enough that this is actually discussed on the show --- God.

Trust me, it's definitely worth checking out if you have any affection at all for Power Rangers, or bizarre superheroics in general. The stream goes live at noon tomorrow, and for more, Ranger Station updates every Monday. Just sayin'.


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