Next month, Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca are launching Shutter, an all-new adventure series about a woman named Kate Kristopher and a world full of strange adventures, and from the looks of things, they've decided to do it in style. Not only do they have colors by Owen Gieni, letters by Ed Brisson and a trade dress designed by Tim Leong (of Super Graphic and ComicsAlliance fame), they're also kicking off the first issue with a set of variant covers by some of the best in the business.

Today, we're finally getting an exclusive look at the first issue variant by Multiple Warheads and Prophet mastermind Brandon Graham!

 The cover depicts Kate Kristopher on the eve of her 27th birthday, sleeping off a hangover on the couch while her clock (which is also a cat) attempts to wake her up.

As Keatinge puts it, Shutter is a project built around "mixing up everything Leila and I love about… well, basically everything — Planet Earth. International travel. Intergalactic travel. Science fiction. Science fact. Giant monsters. Robot cats. Real life explorers. Fake life explorers. The multiverse. Lions in pinstriped suits carrying giant guns. Ninja ghosts. A whole lot more. — all told from the perspective of Kate Kristopher, who used to be the world’s most famous explorer until she quit for reasons no one else understands, until a family secret draws her back in the life she fought hard to leave behind."

As we've mentioned before, pre-ordering is essential to getting new creator-owned books off the ground, so if you're intrigued you should let your comics shop know and they'll make sure you get a copy. You can head over to Keatinge's site for more information, including a printable form you can hand to your retailer so they know to get you a copy of the first issue when it drops on April 9.

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