Forgive me Gloria Steinem, for I have sinned: I love sexy anime. Panty and Stocking. Kill la Kill. The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. If it has booty shorts and the slightest patina of satire, I’m not just on board—I’m conducting the train. So of course I loved Sidera, a newly released short created by French team Catfish Deluxe and Japanese studio Yapiko Animation for the movie Lou! Journal Infime.

Sidera is one of four animated sequences to be featured in the film, which is itself an adaptation of Julien Neel’s Lou! comics. Emma, the eponymous Lou's mother, employs Sidera as a fantasy alter ego -- as small and meek as her life is, Sidera's is loud and lurid. Sidera explores the galaxies from the comfort of a transparent whale, when she isn’t riding Isabelle, the manliest rainbow centaur to ever roam the spaceways. Sidera’s guns fire charmingly low poly panthers in shades from the 1992 Crayola Neon box. Sidera makes George Pérez-era Starfire hair look good again. Sidera has a cannon that blows raspberries. Sidera does it all in a hot pink garter belt and ankle boots.

It’s one minute and 49 seconds of fluorescent mayhem, the fever dream of a 1980s anime nerd and his My Little Pony-collecting kid sister. It’s like Go Nagai and Craig McCracken-circa-1995 got together, knocked back a few beers, and started doodling on the napkins. I love it. I want to live inside it. When it comes to the unconstrained id, some may have their respectable Batmen, their Detective Scullies, their Rainbow Brites. I’ll be in the hot tub, chilling with Sidera and the coterie of space hunks she must surely have on speed dial.

The remaining three animated sequences, also animated by Catfish Deluxe and Yapiko Animation, will reportedly by uploaded online soon. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a G.I. Joe takeoff featuring lots of star-spangled speedos.

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