So on the one hand, the "Premium Format" figures from Sideshow are sculpted with a realism that's almost frightening. If you're not expecting to see them lurking on a bookshelf, you can very easily glance at them and think that your home is currently being invaded by foot-tall versions of Batman and Catwoman who stepped right off the television screen. But on the other hand, having a home that's being attacked by tiny Batman characters is kind of everything that I've ever wanted in my life.

It's a good thing, then, that Sideshow just released photos of their newest Premium Format figures: Batman, based on Adam West, and Catwoman, based on Julie Newmar, going up for pre-order this week.



Unlike most Batman '66 merchandise, which tends to put the emphasis on West's dancing and/or wall-climbing abilities, Sideshow's Batman figure shows the Caped Crusader in full-on fight scene mode, throwing an uppercut. One assumes you will have to provide your own sound effect.



Catwoman, of course, is based on Julie Newmar, who played the role in seven adventures of the classic television series, including a brief cameo in "Ma Parker." But while she has her claws, out, she's been given a pose that Sideshow describes as "seductive," which is very good news for those of you who are super into giant balls of yarn. At last, your time has come.

The statues go up for preorder on April 28, and will sell for $450 and $420, respectively. To see more, including a whole lot of pictures from every possible angle, head over to Sideshow's website!