Carol Danvers is poised to have a big year. Captain Marvel might not be getting a movie in 2016 like so many of her Marvel counterparts, but she's got a great ongoing series and will play a major role in the upcoming Civil War II comic event. While she's had a few action figures over the course of the last year, the Avenger hasn't gotten the high gloss treatment befitting the hero that defends Earth and space. I don't know you if you know this, but space, it's infinite. Takes a special kind of person to say, "We must protect this house!" when that house is as vast and wide as every galaxy in the known universe.

This year, Sideshow is giving the Captain her due with a new premium format figure. She might look a little different than you're used to seeing though. The statue puts her recently tweaked costume through a few more alterations, adding a bit more star flare and giving that sash an interesting new direction. She's still got that bad-ass attitude and some on-point eyeliner though. Seriously, Carol looks more than ready to take on the world, she looks ready to take on the universe. Which, as I said before, is a good thing because the universe is magnificent and cold and needs someone like Captain Marvel to keep it together.

Co-designed by Stjepan Sejic, the Captain Marvel statue maintains most of her iconic look in the post Jamie McKelvie redesign world. The eight-point star and red collar with gold piping remain intact, as does the blue body suit and fauxhawk. The greatest changes come in the form of the added gold piping shooting out from the star's points and the idea to bring back the thigh-high boots from her Ms. Marvel days. I think the boots help break up the sheer amount of blue that constitutes the Captain's costume, but she's been sans those boots for so long it is a little jarring to see this iteration of the character wearing them at first.

I think the utility belt added in the most recent Captain Marvel series has done a nice job updating the sash, so I'm little curious why Sideshow felt there was a need to revamp it further. Putting two separate sashes on either of Carol's hips looks a bit weird, but the dynamism they provide by flowing behind her in the wind (yeah, it doesn't make sense in space, but whatever) gives a little more life to the statue than just the single, long sash. They do make her hips look like they have valances though.

The Sideshow-exclusive version will also come with a Kree helmet head to swap out with the unmasked Carol. I love that helmet, and it looks really impressive as part of the whole package. It also adds to the impression she just smashed through the Brood cruiser that makes up the base of the piece. It just makes more sense that she would have a helmet on in the heat of battle. Not to say the unhelmeted sculpt is a bad one. It's got a lot of attitude, I'm just super-biased towards that helmeted look.

The Captain Marvel Premium Format Figure will be available for pre-order on Thursday for $499.99.


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