Even though he's the king of the seas, DC's Aquaman gets his fair share of guff from the rest of the superhero community... and the fan community. While Aquaman definitely has some redeeming qualities, he's just never been considered a true champion among the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman. Sure, he gets invited to the big kids' table, but they always seat him near Plastic Man. I mean, it's Plastic Man, guys. Despite all that, Aquaman's come through from the people and animals of Earth more times then most citizens are willing to give him credit.

Fortunately, Arthur Curry has more than just the denizens of Atlantis on his side. He's also got Sideshow Collectibles to honor him. As crafters of fine statues showcasing the best and brightest DC has to offer, Sideshow wouldn't select Aquaman if they believed he was a lame duck. That's a lot of time and effort to be spent carefully rendering each piece of scale mail in his armor shirt. No seriously, there are a lot of individual pieces of plating in there to give the suit it's fish-y look. It's impressive.

Designed by Kris Anka (as so many of Sideshow's DC pieces have been as of late), the Aquaman Premium Format Figure stands at an impressive 27 1/4" tall from aquatic base to the trident tip. The default version comes with the clean cut version that's been the predominant look for King Arthur since his creation, but there will be an exclusive version of the statue that features the long-haired, bearded, hook-handed Aquaman from the '90s. Both profiles look great, but there's a reason Aquaman keeps returning to that trimmed-down look time and time again.

As terrific as the sculpt on Aquaman himself is, that base is just as commendable. The marble structure from Atlantis wonderfully detailed. It's also got that perfect mix of sheen and stone from the water splashing up against it. Tremendous job by the paint team there. I mean, Aquaman's like my 17th favorite DC hero, and this statue is something that I'm seriously considering adding to my collection just from the style and sculpt.

The Aquaman Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now for $429.99, and is expected to arrive in Q4 2016.


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