From Blackest Night to Flashpoint to Fear Itself, today's super-hero comics are all built around the Big Event. But what if those stories had happened forty, fifty, or even sixty years ago? That's the question that ComicsAlliance is trying to answer with the help of artist Kerry Callen (who drew the incredible "Silver Age Marvel" pieces), by reimagining how the biggest modern-day DC Comics event comics would have looked in the Silver Age!

First up, Green Lantern takes center stage as a one-man emotional spectrum in The War of Light!

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Everyone knows that Hal Jordan is the bravest member of the interplanetary police force known as the Green Lanterns! In his time as Earth's resident space-cop, he's faced down dangers that no other hero could have defeated by harnessing his willpower into the incredible Green Lantern ring! So an entire team made up of Lanterns just like Jordan should be able to deal with any threat that comes their way, right?

Wrong! When a mysterious ray splits him into an entire rainbow of crime-fighters, the Emerald Guardian finds out just how much trouble he can cause when his emotions take on a life of their own! We hope he'll be able to deal with this rage, but we fear he might end up dead! Don't miss this incredible three-part spectacular, complete in this issue!

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