If you're the type of person who's immersed in pop culture to an obsessive degree, then the settings and locations of the things you love can become just as distinctive as the characters that occupy them. And for proof of that concept, you need look no further than the art of Tim Doyle.

In an art exhibit called UnReal Estate, Doyle has taken locations from shows like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Sesame Street and Arrested Development and painted them in a moody style that ends up being awesome. Check out a few of our favorites after the cut!In Night Falls on the SNPP, Doyle shows us Springfield's source for both delicious slushies and terrifying radioactive abominations:

In the similarly Simpsons-inspired Embiggen the Smallest Man, Doyle proves that he's dedicated to showing Springfield as it really is, right down to the outlaw street art of the notorious "El Barto."

In Amanda Huginkiss, you can almost hear the sounds drifting over the sunset from the late "Bleeding Gums" Murphy:

In Rusty Shackleford, inspired by King of the Hill, Doyle shows us Strickland Propane, where the warm colors of the ground invite you to taste the meat, not the heat, and the clear Texas skies echo the Blue Flame of Valor awarded to Assistant Manager Hank Hill:

A Nest of Doors shows us the famous building at 123 Sesame Street, along with the garbage can outside that serves as the home of one Oscar the Grouch:

At the other end of the street, seen in Sweeping The Clouds, is Hooper's store, complete with a monstrous (but friendly) shape lingering in a window in the background:

And finally, the bright colors of 10 Cents Gets You Nuts (Arrested Development) adds a touch of hope to the proceedings. Maybe there's money in the banana stand after all!

For more, check out the entire set at Doyle's website, and if you're in the San Francisco area, check out the exhibition and buy prints at the Spoke Art Gallery.

(via Neatorama)

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