I'm not looking to make a regular habit out of mocking action figure fashion choices, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Toy News International has posted an extensive photo gallery of the latest Movie Masters wave based on "The Dark Knight," which includes this little gem - Ski Mask Batman.

When Bruce Wayne began his voyage as the Caped Crusader in "Batman Begins," his signature mask was back-ordered. As a necessity, he put on a bank robber's mask and paid Jim Gordon a visit. I get that. I respect it. The man has crime to fight, allies to make, and no time to waste on looking particularly cool.

Thing is, all of that was in the blackest of black nights. We didn't get a long, healthy look at Bruce sans Bat-Mask... and, well, there was a reason for that, I guess. There isn't anything wrong with the sculpt - the figure looks fairly articulate and has an amazing amount of detail - but if Batman was trying to look menacing with that over-sized sock on his head, he doesn't. He just looks like an overage trick-or-treater who wanted to dress as Batman but couldn't quite get that last detail.

That being said, I love you Batman. Please don't come beat the crap out of me for making fun of your silly hat. Let's be friends again? Thanks!