I love Sleepy Hollow, and while my favorite thing about the show is definitely the character moments between Ichabod and Abbie -- especially Ichabod's continuing frustration with life in the 21st century -- I really love all the bad guys, too. Shape-shifting succubi, zombie cops, actual satans and, of course, a headless horseman who walks around blowing things away with an M-16 in each hand like he's holding the bridge at Gjallerbru. They're great, and this week in Boom's Sleepy Hollow comic, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Coelho are adding a new and terrifying villain to the roster as Ichabod and Abbie fight... a tree.

Wait, come back! It's an evil tree! An evil tree! Listen, it'll make more sense if you just check out the preview pages below, okay? Okay.








Sleepy Hollow #2 will be out this Wednesday, featuring a backup story by Lumberjanes' Noelle Stevenson and all the magical tree-fighting you can stand!