Fox's Sleepy Hollow may be the most comic-book-like show on television, excepting the growing list of shows that are actually based on comic books. It tells the story of a Revolutionary War-era man -- who always wears the same clothes -- being revived in the present day and working with a local police officer to fight an invincible demon with no head and a semi-automatic rifle. They have to come up with clever ideas -- like traps made of light -- to fight off the evil all around them.

Frankly, it's a wonder the show hasn't become a comic before now. Boom Studios has recruited writer Marguerite Bennett (Superman: Lois Lane) and artist Jorge Coelho (Venom) to tell stories that tie into the show. From the sound of it, they have a pretty good handle on it in their upcoming four-issue miniseries.

In an interview with CBR, Bennett said she became a fan of the show at last year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. She was eager to attend a Grant Morrison panel, so she attended the panel before, where Fox premiered an episode of Sleepy Hollow. She loved the "whole mad world" of the show.

Bennett says the comic will essentially fill in the show's gaps. The first issue takes place early on in the first season and the second will fall somewhere near the middle. The last two issues will be a two-part "story of a machine" that will presumably tie in to the first season finale.

Bennett says nearly all the show's characters will appear in the comic, though she didn't offer up many other details about what will happen. Might I suggest a story about the Headless Horseman hiding behind a chair just so he could jump out at our heroes, as seen in the pilot episode? He had to be back there for hours! Or maybe something about what John Cho's poor, possessed character gets up to in his downtime? Maybe one of those could be a backup story by Lumberjanes' Noelle Stevenson.

Whatever Bennett and Coelho come up with, I'm looking forward to the series. The first issue hits October 15.

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