Has public domain access to Frank L. Baum's original "Wizard of Oz" stories and characters watered down the entire mythos? In 40 years will fans even recognize the lore? Writer Tommy Kovac and artist Andy Hirsch intend to explore that question comic book style when "Royal Historian of Oz" #1 arrives in shops this June.

The $1 issue #1 sets up an ongoing black and white series following the adventures of the Oz-obsessed Jasper Frizzle and his son Frank as they navigate between their world and Oz.

Here's SLG's official synopsis:

Jasper Frizzle had one ambition in life, to continue in the footsteps of L. Frank Baum and become the new "Royal Historian of Oz". The problem is that in the year 2050, after over a century of countless re-imaginings and retellings, the dastardly "Official Oz Society" has issued a strict cease & desist order to make people STOP using Baum's creations. When Jasper discovers that Oz really exists, he makes a rather large error in judgment. Now Jasper is a criminal in two worlds and it is up to his son Frank to help him find a way out of it.

The premise sounds like a fun tale in its own right, plus it gives Oz fans a chance to consider their perceived ownership of the stories versus the evolution of mythology over time. Give the trailer a spin after the jump.

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