After the events of Kill Bill, Sofie Fatale adopts Vernita Green's daughter and trains her to take revenge on the Bride. Quentin Tarantino plans to make that movie many, many years down the line, but if he ever decides to write the comic adventures of the Kill Bill universe, Sloane Leong already has character designs on hand for Nikki Bell and B.B. Kiddo. She also has plenty of other katana-wielding ladies decked out in bruises and Band-Aids.
Leong is the creator of the hilarious webcomic Alpha Princess Garou Shoujo, a sketchy and surprising comic about the challenges of being a wolf in love. She's also developing Comet Scabs, a magical girl comic starring a jock who's no stranger to farts and nose-picking. She's only posted one page in her deviantART gallery and a handful of sketches on Tumblr, but it already looks like she's kicking around some fun ideas. The gal with her head and chest wrapped up in bandages while staring up at a pink, Lovecraftian sky is a space bandita for another project, A Mute Horizon. Leong is also collaborating with Spera's Josh Tierney and Thunderpaw's Jen Lee on the alternate realities comic, What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?, the first few pages of which you can read on Leong's Tumblr. So it sounds like Leong has a number of projects on the stove; while we're waiting for them to reach their boiling point, we can sit and admire her portraits, pin-ups and concept pieces.