Now THIS is what I'm talking about. This week's episode ranked high on my "good 'Smallville' episode" meter and next week's looks even better!

The focus now was all on Super girl aka Kara. When we last saw her, she peaced out on Clark after he hesitated to trust her word over that of the Martian Manhunter. Cut to our opening scenes where we witness a memory sequence of Kara and her father Zor-el on Krypton during the war. He hands her a crystal and tells her to go to Earth and always protect it. She's understandably scared to leave him but he promises the crystal is her way back to him. This is all setting up for us to explain why her quest to find said missing crystal from her spaceship is soooo important.

As anything relating to extraterrestrial life might do, this is when 'Smallville' seems to be getting a little X-filesy. The government took Kara's spaceship and, therefore, has in possession the crystal that was inside. Kara finds this out and heads to D.C. to get it back. She finds her way to a bar where a government worker is having a few drinks and works her womanly charm to get the info she desires. "Life on other planets ... that's HOT," she purrs. Hey, can't blame the guy for giving in so easily to her demands ... who wouldn't?

When the crystal still turns up missing, she heads to the Daily Planet office and uses Jimmy's computer (and obvious attraction to her) to find a new lead. Which leads us all right back to where we always end up: Lex. Right away she zooms off to the Luthor Mansion to retrieve what's rightfully hers. Unfortunately for her, Mr. Government Agent Man finds and captures her with kryptonite laced handcuffs. Ouch!

Seen as a threat to national security (well, let's be honest, who can blame him for capturing her ... she IS extra-terrestrial), she's taken to a lab where she's strapped down and attached to a contraption meant to show Gov Man what her planet was like. While zapping her and pumping kryptonite into her blood, we're taken into some of Kara's earlier memories where we meet Lara, Clark's birth mother (played by former Super girl herself Helen Slater!!!!!!!!). Kara and Lara are on Earth at the Kent farm, pre-Clark's birth to check out where Clark will be living when Zor-el appears. Come to find out there was a love triangle between Lara, Zor-el and Jor-el. How very Jerry Springer of them! Zor-el tells Lara he's stolen some of her DNA and put it inside a crystal (yes ... THAT crystal). Clark comes to the rescue before Kara can have another forced memory and Gov Man sees that he, too, is alien and a threat to national security. Lucky for the super family, Lionel is right behind Clark and shoots Gov man down. Yay for Clark and Kara, boo for the government.

We end with Kara telling Clark she's sorry for getting angry and realizing that her father may not have been as great as she remembered, Kara kissing Jimmy and asking him on a lunch date, Lex and Lionel sharing some bitter words, and Clark revealing to Lana that he knows where the crystal is. If I recall, this only caused a lot of trouble a few seasons ago with those three stones ...

I'm too excited for next week also. Looks like its all about Lana and it could get interesting. Thoughts about this week and/or next week? Go ahead and share them!

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