I know, I know, it's kind of weak to take cheap shots at "Smallville." But seriously, when promo images show the Silver Banshee making like Teen Wolf in an upcoming episode, it's hard not to share.

Silver Banshee makes her "Smallville" debut on Friday, April 2 in an episode entitled "Escape." Something tells me that's all actress Odessa Rae wanted to do when wardrobe brought her the seemingly woodland-inspired villainess outfit - most notably the corn cob grill she's been forced to sport.

I'm totally down for adaptations taking a few costume design liberties when needed, and in fairness to whoever designed this outfit, it does inspire enough fear to merit Banshee a spot in the Sinestro Corps. Of course, I don't think fans would have been upset by a slightly less feral design. I'd keep an eye out for a lot of hair product commercials when "Escape" hits the airwaves next month on The CW.[Via ComicsContinuum]