If you think you wasted a few too many hours of your life indulging in the anime offerings of Cartoon Network, Soulja Boy may have you beat. His well-documented passion for Superman and the cast of "Dragon Ball Z" aside, the rapper's taste for other animated fare is finally being explored in his recent "Anime" and "Death Note Mixtape" releases.

Most of the tracks off the "Death Note Mixtape" have been floating around on YouTube for awhile and (pretty loosely) draw inspiration from the anime adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba's manga, while the more recent "Anime" works more like a checklist of series and character names like "Cowboy Bebop," "Case Closed" and of course "Death Note."

Depending on your taste for SB, you may notice a bit more...um, swagger in his flow on "Anime," than the DN mixtape songs. It's probably just a side effect of SB chomping on some senzu beans, though. Check out the more or less NSFW jams (headphones aren't a bad idea in mixed company) below.

And then there's this, which is just the best thing ever:

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