For all of the hundreds of puzzle games that you can buy on iOS devices, most have had a key flaw: they didn't center around rap battles in space. Luckily, a team of developers, featuring friend of CA, Eugene Ahn AKA Adam WarRock, have banded together to fill that void.

Sounds In Space, a Rap Puzzle game in the style of Mad Libs and multiple choice, is currently seeking funds on IndieGoGo, and we've got more details and art from Lead Designer Erica Henderson after the cut.Sounds In Space centers around a group of Music Monks who create new music for the cosmos, until one of their students, Travej Sargasso, sells out for fame and money. When he hears that a new style of music is being developed, he captures the Music Monks, leaving two students, Lew Pine and Grace Land, to save their masters with the power of music.

Adam WarRock will be providing lyrics and music consultation along with Michael Wilson from Vibe Leviathan. Comic artist and video game pro Erica Henderson is designing the look of the game, with Luke Herr writing and managing the project, and Steven Schelter handling the coding.

Backers at the $10 level or higher can get an exclusive mixtape of Adam WarRock's, along with a digital copy of the art book, featuring some of the designs and layouts.

As of press time, the game is $400 dollars away from being funded, with plenty of stretch goals planned, including a third unlockable character, Endless Freestyle mode, and an iPad and Android version of the game.

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