I'm going to level with you, I love Spider-Gwen. I'm not alone in this sentiment. What started as a fun alternate universe take on Peter Parker's former flame has exploded into a full on phenomenon. Spider-Gwen even spun off into her own Deadpool series, Gwenpool, which is confusing as hell, but whatever. Through Spider-Gwen all things are possible.

Honestly, for me the appeal came from the costume design and concept, but the execution is what won me over fairly completely. There's just something about that spider-suit that calls to me, from the ways the spider legs are incorporated to the color palette, that whole ensemble just pops. That style carries through to the main book itself to a degree, and helps Gwen stand out from most other books on the shelf at the LCS. That and the crazy, cool kinetic art of Robbi Rodriguez.

I'm guessing that's a bit of what inspired Allegra Town Studio to craft this little fan animation of Spider-Gwen (via Robot 6). The hyper pace, the vivid colors; everything that makes Spider-Gwen awesome is all there. And they did it in just seven seconds.

Admittedly, seven seconds doesn't seem like it should be able to convey much of what makes a character cool, but when it's a character that's basically Spider-Man, it works just fine. It's actually a really sweet action sequence, and though there's no sound, we've all seen enough Spidey stuff in other media that our brains can do all the heavy lifting in that arena.

Unfortunately, this little clip isn't indicative of any actual Spider-Gwen project, but I know I wouldn't object to seeing this style of animation bring Gwen and Miles and Peter and any of those other Spider-verse folks to life for a one-off. With Ultimate Spider-Man kicking around for at least another season, it's probably too much to dream a full series like this could happen. At least we'll always have this seven seconds in heaven.