On June 2, Spider-Man's bacony counterpart hits a landmark 25th year in print with a brand new one-shot celebrating a quarter century of anthropomorphic adventures.

"Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special" #1 features the creative talent of writers Tom DeFalco and Tom Peyer, with art by Jacob Chabot, Agnes Garbowska and Adam Dekraker wrapped in a cover by Joe Jusko.

As many fans have likely pointed out elsewhere, this comic isn't technically Peter Porker's big 2-5. Sure, the first issue of "Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham" has a cover date of May of 1985, but his very first printed appearance came two years earlier in "Marvel Tails: Starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham" #1. I'm not nitpicking because I don't want to pick up the upcoming special - quite the opposite - I'm bummed I couldn't get one in 2008. This is truly one instance where I wouldn't mind Marvel milking two quasi anniversary dates to release more product.All whining aside, it should be fun to see what DeFalco and company bring to the issue in the form of several short stories. At 48 pages, I'm sure there'll be plenty for even hair-splitters like myself to dig.