While Spider Jerusalem of Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson's Vertigo series "Transmetropolitan" would probably love to see a sketchbook filled with images of Batman getting kicked in the balls, his ego would probably also be open to the sketchbook of tribute art that Trish Brafford has collected featuring pen and pencil work from artists like Walt Simonson, Alex Maleev, Tim Sale, Michael Oeming, Jeff Lemire, David Finch, Jamal Igle and Matt Kindt, not to mention Andrew Charipar's rendition of Spider as a Red Lantern (above)and David Petersen's as a Mouse Guard rodent, which really turn it into a family heirloom in the making.

Check out our favorites below and if you'd like to see your theme sketchbook featured on the site, drop us a line!

Tim Sale

David Mack

David Petersen

Michael Avon Oeming

Steve Lieber

Box Brown

Mike Norton

Ryan Dunlavey

David Finch

Ken Haeser

Nathan Fox

JK Woodward

Walt Simonson

Big Jim

Freddie E. Williams III

Ben Bishop

Jamal Igle

Tim Seeley

Francesco Francavilla

Matt Kindt

Alex Maleev

Jeff Lemire

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