Those of you who follow Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott on Twitter may have noticed a prank he pulled a while back where he teased readers with the possibility that the new title was going to star Miguel O'Hara, better known to '90s readers as Spider-Man 2099. Today, MTV Geek put up a video of Slott apologizing for the prank and any consternation it may have caused readers.

And then he went on to say that Miguel O'Hara will definitely be appearing in Superior Spider-Man.

Originally created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #365 (seen above), Miguel O'Hara was a brilliant young man who went to work for the sinister Alchemax corporation in the far-flung future of 2099 (or at least 1992's version of the future) and was assigned to create super-soldiers. When one of his test subjects died, however, he decided to resign, only for his boss to dose him with a highly addictive designer drug, intending to blackmail him into continuing his work. Fortunately/unfortunately, Miguel had a sample of his own un-addicted DNA that he was going to use to overwrite himself, which ended up being tainted by his experiment and giving him a genetic makeup that was "50% spider DNA."

The '90s were weird as hell, y'all.

Since the 2099 line ended, Miguel's popped up here and there in the Marvel Universe, but an appearance in Superior Spider-Man that's being teased in advance by the writer would definitely represent his highest profile gig in quite some time -- at least since his starring role in the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game, which was also written by Slott. More than that it opens the door for more 2099 characters to reappear.

Basically, what I'm asking here is when Jake Gallows is coming back.

"Where do you live?" "On the edge." Punisher 2099 was so awesome. So awesome.

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