As a lad, I spent many 30-minute segments enthralled by the animated adventures of "Jim Henson's Muppet Babies." I dug the show's doo-wop theme music, its constant pop culture references and strangely, the closing graphic featuring a silver Spider-Man descending upon the Marvel Productions, LTD. logo. The mind is a funny thing though, and somehow I've retained that detail for years while completely forgetting that the Web Slinger made a full-fledged appearance on the show along with his foremost scribe Stan Lee.

The episode, "Comic Capers," featured Baby Rowlf and Baby Skeeter competing for Spider-Man supremacy in the Spidey comic strip as "Spider-Dog" and "Spider-Girl," respectively. Rowlf could swing, but couldn't stick his landings while Skeeter was mostly only good at being bossy and webbing herself in the face. Spider-Man intervenes as a robbery takes place behind the feuding babies, leading to a scolding by none other than Stan "The Man." Babies being babies, the poor creator winds up covered in webs of rebellion.

To make matters wackier, the episode wraps with Baby Animal and Baby Gonzo awkwardly sharing a Spidey suit. I'm not really sure how to describe that in a way that lives up to its mind-melting madness, so it's probably safer if you check out both vids after the jump...Spider-Man, Stan Lee and the Muppet Babies: A Trifecta without equal:

And don't forget to "Go Bye Bye" with "Spider-Man" starting at the 1:45 mark:

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