We've seen our share of bathrooms decorated with comic books (not just stocked with them as reading material, and even a few dedicated to replicating the landscapes of their favorite videogames, but Riley Replicas' custom Spider-Man bathroom is the first one we've seen that really puts you in the headspace of a superhero. The room is decorated with action figures, red and blue bathmats and towels, a symbiote painting and other stylin' trimmings, but its faux brick wall decorated to appear as if the Green Goblin, Sandman, Doctor Octopus and the Lizard are bursting through is its crown jewel. The menacing scene is probably the stuff of Spidey's nightmares, which is why I peg him as an Angry Birds player during what are surely brief visits to the commode. See more of the Spider-Man bathroom after the jump.

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