TV: Ben McCool and Nikki Cook's Memoir has been acquired by Warner Bros. Television. [MTV]

Anime: Images of the live action Ranma 1/2 cast in their TV special costumes have surfaced. Definitely no Dragonball Evolution shenanigans going on here. [ANN]

Gaming: Cryptozoic will release a Locke & Key trading card game in 2012, and unlike the show's TV pilot, FX has no say in whether or not it will be made available to the public. See what I did there? [ICv2]

Movies: A short clip of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was screened at the Scream Awards. There's no flaming urination, but a clip is a clip. [Wired]

Art: Sam Bosma's videogame print is amazing, but unfortunately already sold out. [The Beat]

Toys: Box art for Hot Toys' upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger doll seems suitably shielded. [ToyArk]

Gaming: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online has a new trailer for this Halloween season. [HeroUp]

Homes: This woman's bathrooom "Does the Mario." [Kotaku]

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