There was big news in the world of Spider-Man today, as Marvel announced at their Spider-Man Comic-Con panel that the "One More Day" era of the comics would give way to "Big Time" this November.

Starting in "Amazing Spider-Man" #648, the book will change from a thrice-monthly schedule to twice-monthly, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by artists Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin, and Stefano Caselli. "Do you want to see [Peter Parker] get a job?" asked Slott. "Well, I'm sorry, he's not going to get a job -- he's going to get a career. He's finally going to live up to the potential of who Peter Parker should be... If he doesn't give the world everything Peter Parker can, that's being irresponsible."

Slott said that one of the reasons they chose the name "Big Time" was because the book itself will bigger, increasing from 22 to 30 pages, which will involve either one 30-page story or a 22-page story with an 8-page backup. The first issue of "Big Time" in "Amazing Spider-Man" will feature a backup with Spider-Girl, who also has her own comic launching as part of "Big Time," and will be scripted by "Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man" writer Paul Tobin and illustrated by Henry Clayton.

A five-issue "Carnage limited series by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain in October and an "Osborn" limited series by "Sif" writer Kelly-Sue Deconnick and artist Emma Rios in November were also announced. Check out art from all the "Big Time" books after the jump!