Take this with a grain of salt, etc., etc., but a very interesting image popped up online this afternoon which seems to feature a call sheet for Spider-Man: Homecoming. In addition to listing a few characters we already knew about, the rundown apparently reveals some that haven’t been reported, including a potential third villain. Possible spoilers ahead!

Over on Twitter, Atlanta Filming posted what appears to be a call sheet for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which, obviously, could have been faked, but the original image was taken down — and that seems to suggest that maybe it’s not. You can still find the image over on Reddit (via CBM), where the names are consistent with what we already know: Tom Holland is Peter Parker, Zendaya is “Michelle” (a production code name for Mary Jane Watson), Tony Revolori is Flash Thompson, Laura Harrier is Liz Allan, and Jacob Batalon is Ned Leeds.

The sheet also possibly confirms Kenneth Choi’s role as Peter’s school principal, and potentially reveals that Martin Starr, Hannibal Buress, Tunde Adebimpe and Orange Is the New Black’s Selenis Levya are all playing teachers.

Here’s the more intriguing stuff:

  • Angourie Rice, the young breakout star of Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, is listed as “Betty Brandt.” That might be a typo, or she might be playing a younger version of The Daily Bugle employee — maybe she works for the school paper?
  • Bokeem Woodbine is Herman Schultz, aka The Shocker, a Spidey villain known for his role in the Sinister Six. It’s possible that Homecoming has a third villain in addition to Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Michael Chernus’ Tinkerer; it’s also possible that Woodbine’s role is either a slightly expanded cameo or setting up a future film.
  • Not only is Choi playing a principal at the school, but his character’s last name is Morita — which is either a coincidence, or it could mean that he’s related to Jim Morita, the Howling Commando played by Choi in the first Captain America movie.
  • The rest of the names are younger actors who all seem to be playing high school classmates, but a couple of these stand out: Tiffany Espensen and Isabella Amara, playing “Cindy” and “Sally,” respectively. Those names appear in the Spider-Man comics: Cindy Moon, aka the superhero Silk, and Sally Avril, aka Bluebird.

Some of these could be coincidence, some might be cute references to characters who appear in the comics (it’s unlikely that Homecoming would introduce so many heroes and villains right off the bat), and some of this might be totally off. Until we know more, feel free to wildly speculate.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017.