Back before Deadpool had infiltrated every Marvel comic ever, Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik's Howard the Duck was blazing trails with a blend of a foul-tempered talking duck, biting commentary, existentialism, and fourth wall demolishing antics. Howard faded into comics publishing obscurity after a while, though he was always fondly remembered. Next week, Stuart Moore and Mark Brooks's "Spider-Man: Back in Quack" bring the duck back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe in a story that sees Spider-Man having to bring Marvel's Most Hated Duck back from the depths of absurd brainwashing. Hit the jump for a preview.

Presenting two of Marvel's finest: Spider-Man and ... Cynical Duck (TM)? Yes, Howard the Duck's brain has been thoroughly scrubbed, his hard-edged humor carefully dulled down for maximum demographic acceptance. It's up to Peter Parker to set the duck straight -- but does the world prefer Howard this way? Guest-starring the villainy of SOOPhI, the utter cluelessness of Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, and the unnerving eroticism of "Swizzle," SOOPhI's whip-wielding corporate spokeswoman. So wrong it's ... well, no, it's still wrong, courtesy of Stuart Moore (NAMOR) and Mark Brooks (YOUNG AVENGERS). Plus: a tiny-size Man-Thing backup feature by Stuart Moore & Joe Suitor (MARVEL BREAKOUT)!