Spider-Man's got a lot of admirers in the super-community of the Marvel U, and rightly so. Despite the fact that he possesses less raw power than many of his teammates in the Avengers (and now, the FF), the dude's got plenty of brains and a powerful moral code that help him get the heroing job done. But what if scads of... less responsible... citizens picked up Peter Parker's power set?

Amazing Spider-Man #659 kicks off "Infestation," a storyline that will seemingly play out a scenario full of spider-powered non-heroes (Kaines beard! Please don't let it have anything to do with clones), which Marvel says will feed into this summer's "Spider-Island" storyline. Spider-Island kind of sounds like a Universal theme park, but I'm guessing the tale will have more to do with deadly arachnids and less to do with costumed characters on parade. Even if that weren't the case, with Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett and Emma Rios handling art duties on Dan Slott's storyline, however, I'd probably still check it out.From Marvel's official press release:

"Infested is giving readers the first adumbrations of a threat that's been slowly creeping toward Spidey's life for decades," said Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker. "Dan along with some guest artists set the readers on a dangerous course that leads right to Amazing Spider-Man #666...and beyond."

Click to enlarge the full Infested promo poster below:

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