In case you hadn't heard, a little over a year ago, Spider-Man -- who married hot-redheaded model/actress Mary Jane in 1987 -- had his marriage magically dissolved by Mephisto, a.k.a. the Devil. This wasn't a divorce, mind you -- it changed reality so that the marriage had actually never happened, leaving Peter Parker a swinging single once again.

The true architect of the shift wasn't really the devil, of course, but rather Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Nostalgia plays a powerful role in many people's love of comics -- including the fans of yesteryear who grew up to become editors and writers and artists of the books today -- and Quesada said he had "always hated the portrayal of the marriage" and wanted to return Spidey to the single status quo that he had known a young comics fan.

Of course, for everyone under 30, the Spider-Man we know has always been a man trying to balance his crimefighting with his marriage, and there were a lot of fans upset about the decision to literally reverse his progress as a character and a human being. When Parker was magically unmarried in the Spider-Man newspaper comic as well, fans of the daily strip were equally peeved, and wrote in about their disappointment.

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Well, it turns out that the newspaper strip is way more responsive to the desires of their readers than the actual Marvel comics, and after extensive complaints from fans after the newspaper switched to single Spidey as well, they're changing him back. By making him wake up and suddenly realize it was ALL A DREAM.

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