The cast of characters in last week’s release of Captain America: Civil War was basically stellar and standout from top to bottom, with all of our favorites playing their parts perfectly as well as the new additions holding their own and setting the various stages for their own stories to come. But even with all of that assembled Avenger greatness and the nail-biting excitement of seeing our collected heroes at odds with one another, there was one character that managed to swing out even higher and get the world ready to believe a teenager can crawl up walls again, Spider-Man!

It’s been just over 14 years since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, and while that series came to a somewhat lackluster end, and Marc Webb’s 2012 reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield never seemed to really even get started, in just a scant few minutes of actual screen time, directors Joe and Anthony Russo and our new Peter Parker, Tom Holland, have got both comic fans and pop culture at large ready for a new round of Spider-Mania.

Prior to the release of Civil War, when Marvel and Sony announced their new joint arrangement to bring a fresh spider-face to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of fans felt an overwhelming sense of malaise and apathy towards the idea of a third take on a silver screen Spidey in only 15 years. “Do we really need another Spider-Man movie?” was a phrase that gained a lot of traction on Twitter and as extremely clickable headline fodder for both sides of the argument. But with only a few short, but spectacular scenes, those sentiments quickly shifted to “I can’t wait for the new Spider-Man movie!” and “What other Spider-Man movies?”

And it’s in celebration of those sentiments that we present this collection of some of the best Spider-Man fan art from around the… wait for it… web.


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