Spider-Man, Spider-Man, flippin' food on a pancake pan. You know, once in awhile it pays not to run ad-blocking plugins. Take today, for example, when I checked out Marvel.com to verify the spelling of "Kuurgo" at the house of ideas' Web site and ended up spying a flashy ad for nothing less than the raddest pancake pan I've ever laid eyes on.

Produced by Alumax, which notably also stocks pans bearing Disney character likenesses, the pan's got a big non-stick (ironic, right?) Spidey face indentation that shapes batter the Web-Slinger way. Admittedly, Alumax's site lacks any actual functionality (you can't buy anything there) and seems kind of shady, but Amazon and other outlets seem to have stocked an identical pan at some point, so maybe you'll be able to actually own one someday?

If Alumax can't deliver, it's fine. I'll just stick with heating waffles in a Spider-Man toaster.
[Via Marvel]

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