"Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" looks awesome. Really awesome, in fact. So awesome that I think it could give "Batman: Arkham Asylum" a run for its money as one of the best comic book based video games released in recent years.

In conjunction with GameSpot, Activision has released a first look at gameplay footage from "Shattered Dimensions." According to senior producer Meghan Morgan, players will assume Spider-Man's identity across several distinct universes including the Amazing Universe, based on the traditional Spidey stories told by Marvel Comics, and the Noir Universe, based on the character's recent reinterpretation through the "Noir" comic book line. There are two other universes that haven't been announced yet.Each universe has a unique core gameplay mechanic, with the Amazing Universe focusing on web-based action. Spidey can spin his webs to make weapons like hammers and staves, interact with the environment and blind his enemies, among other functions. In the Noir Universe, he'll have to rely on stealth-based tactics, using his shadowy surroundings to catch villains off guard.

Additionally, Activision announced two of the game's villains - Kraven the Hunter in the Amazing Universe and Hammerhead in the Noir Universe. Hammerhead's Noir design was created exclusively for the game in conjunction with Marvel, as the character has not appeared in the "Noir" books.

Activision promised that more details, including the identities of the other two universes and other classic villains, will be announced in the coming weeks and months at events such as E3 and this weekend's WonderCon.

[Source: GameSpot]

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