Over the years, Peter Parker has faced many problems relatable to the common man: struggling to make rent, dealing with a browbeating boss, dating a supermodel and even losing his job. In Spider-'Nam, a fan comic by Orc Stain creator and ComicsAlliance fav James Stokoe, Spider-Man deals with a situation that many young men faced in the '50s, '60s, and 70s: shipping off to Vietnam to fight in a complicated and divisive war halfway around the world. We're republishing the current four pages here with permission, but Stokoe says more will follow on his site as time permits.

You may remember Stokoe's insanely detailed work from the four-foot Galactus drawing he did a while back, and that intricacy is on display again in Spider-'Nam as Peter Parker explains in a letter Aunt May why he chose to drop out of college and enlist... apparently as Spider-Man?

Click through all pages to enlarge (especially the sweet double page spread):

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