Good news, ComicsAlliance readers in Dubai (all five of you)! Thanks to the creative business sense of a company called Spider Sense, you can now hire someone to wash the windows of your high rise building by rappelling down the side while dressed as Spider-Man.

Spider Style, a 'Specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access' facility company recently opened an office in the UAE. With offices based in France and Qatar, Spider Style is not your ordinary large-scale cleaning company. They send a dedicated team of abseiling 'superheroes' to inspect, fix, and clean building facades from the top down and they'll even do it "Spidey" - style by donning Spiderman suits... Visitors to the area were noticeably amused by the aerial acrobatics of Spider-Style's cleaning technician, who used his 'spider-sense' to abseil with grace along the hotel's exterior while occasionally waving to admiring spectators.

Clearly, Spider Style has a lot to learn about comics, not only because they've failed to hyphenate the name of everyone's favorite web-slinger and understand his spider-sense on the most basic level, but far more importantly because they went to the trouble of creating a long, tortured institutional description like "Specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access" and didn't even give it a catchy acronym. Here you go: "Specialized Cleaning And Lathering Entity." You're welcome.While this certainly isn't the first time I've seen a "pay someone to do X while dressed as X" service, let's face it -- it usually involves something kinky and is rarely the sort of thing that would bring family-friendly joy and amusement to an entire city block. I don't have an "office" so much as I have "internet cafes" and "my house," but if I were still in a high rise, I'm pretty sure it would make my month to see some guy in a Spidey suit chilling outside my window with with a squeegee.

"We believe in finding the passion and fun in everything we do. If we can have Spiderman clean our exterior, then why not? It puts a smile on people's faces," commented Mövenpick General Manager, Peter O'Connor.

Why not indeed? Well, possibly because of copyright lawyers. But otherwise, great idea.

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