Given how many of comic's most iconic heroes and villains regularly sport spandex leotards, it's actually quite surprising that the selection of comics-inspired swimwear is rather limited. Perhaps in heroic response to this serious problem, Splish created a collection of swimwear with a splash of superheroic designs to save the day! Decked out in bold colors, stars, and lightning bolts, these super-swimsuits (which are also available as bikinis and mens' swim briefs) are bound to catch the eye of fellow civilians at the pool or beach. Just remember to leave the capes at home!

Awesome Girl's origins appear to consist of one part Mary Marvel and one part Wonder Woman.
The perfect swimsuits to wear to your Fourth of July beach party! Now, if only they had a swim cap that resembled Captain America's cowl...
The mere concept of an Aquaman-inspired swimsuit is pretty much the most perfect thing in the world. While the Fishchick swimsuit isn't nearly as impeccable of a trompe-l'oeil as the Big Star swimsuit, I really adore the large scalloped fish scale motif.

Fishdude Briefs, $29.95

So I know that these briefs are based on the same design as the previous Aquaman swimsuit, but these could TOTALLY double as a Namor speedo.
Although this swimsuit is clearly intended to resemble a tuxedo, it seems like it was made for Zatanna.
Bolt Jammer, $34.99

For those of you who wanted to channel Black Adam this Summer... SHAZAM!