There is no question Stan Lee has been a busy man these days. He's teaming with pop star Ne-Yo and Japanese rocker Yoshiki, creating 30 superheroes to coincide with all thirty NHL teams, and that's just to name a couple of recently announced endeavors. But that doesn't mean Stan Lee is too busy to pose with his fans at conventions like Dragon Con.

Thanks to our friends at Urlesque, we have some fantastic photos of Stan "The Man" Lee posing with fans at this year's Dragon Con.

The long running convention is based out of Atlanta, Georgia each year, with the 2011 convention slated for September 4-5. This year's Dragon Con, according to, raised $40,000 for the Lupus Foundation, and was attended by 40,000 attendees.

Out of the 40,000 attendees, we couldn't tell you how many of them where dressed as superheroes and posed with Stan Lee. Thanks to the Internet, and the generous uploads of the Froggy's Photos Flickr Account, we can share with you some of our favorites.

[Via Urlesque]

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