While it won't be clobberin' time for Stan Lee this fall, the face of Marvel's most iconic characters will stand alongside his creations when he makes a cameo in Activision's "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" as a non-playable character (or NPC).

There was some speculation earlier this summer that Lee would join the fray as a playable character, but it looks like the 86-year-old probably won't be duking it out with either Captain America or Iron Man's opposing armies on the game's storyline, which is based on Mark Millar's "Civil War" megacrossover. Of course, just like a "Spider-Man" storyline, that could change at any time.

Lee's quoted in a press release stating, "I am thrilled to be making my first onscreen video game cameo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2."

As Kotaku points out, Lee's quote from an Activision press release doesn't seem as alliterative as his usual musings in the mighty Marvel manner. Maybe it's because he's waiting for more announcements at Comic-Con this weekend True Believers?

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