Fans have already learned how to draw comics the Marvel way thanks to, well, "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way." Now, aspiring comic book artists can get another valuable perspective on how to create fresh characters and franchises for the paneled page from none other than Stan Lee.

In November, Watson-Guptill will publish "Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics," which ICv2 describes as "intended to be the co-creator of the Marvel Universe's ultimate guide to comic book creation." The guidebook begins with a recounting of Lee's career in the comics industry, covering not only his superhero work via Marvel but also his newer efforts in recent years.

"Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics" will reportedly encompass "everything Lee knows about the business of creating comics" including information on penciling, inking, lettering, character creation, costume design and creating comics on the computer. There's currently no word on the inclusion of a chapter about securing hilarious cameos in Marvel movies, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed.[Via ICv2]